Dakin “Garbage Pail Kids” Toy Spider Doorknob Cover

In 1987 Dakin Inc., toy company released a toy spider doorknob cover that seemed to be styled heavily from the Garbage Pail Kids.  The toys were black and white.  The white areas of the toy glow in the dark.  The bottom of the spider was cut so it could be slid over a doorknob.  The toys are made out of a think semi-flexible plastic.  The dimensions are approximately 5″ x 5″ x 3.5″.

The only writing on the toy is simply “(C) 1987 Dakin Inc. Made in China.”

They type of packaging the toys came in is unknown.  The only known figures are the spiders but there may be other characters as well.  The spiders have been known to be found in pairs.

Dakin Inc. "Garbage Pail Kids" Spider

Dakin Inc. "Garbage Pail Kids" Spider Doorknob Cover

Garbage Pail Kids 3rd Series #98 Charlotte Web

Was the Dakin toy stolen from this Garbage Pail Kid? You be the judge!



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