Niv Avital is a THIEF

Niv Avital is a scammer and a thief.  Let me tell you the story.

On 04 November 2017 I posted some Israeli Havurat Hazevel trading cards for sale on Facebook.  Niv Avital messaged expressing his interest.  We finally finalized the deal on 10 November 2017.  He asked me to send him a PayPal invoice for $36, which I did.  He paid the invoice.  I sent the card on 10 November and provided him with the tracking information.

On 16 November 2017 the cards arrived in Israel, where the scammer Niv Avital lives.

Here is the TRACKING INFO.

On 21 December, Scammer Niv Avital decided to file a chargeback for the cards through his bank.  In turn, PayPal took the money out of my PayPal account.  I contacted PayPal to ask what the problem was.  PayPal explained that Niv Avital filed a chargeback through his bank and there was not much they could do.  They told me I would be protected by seller protection and I would eventually get the $36 back.  I messed Niv Avital on Facebook but he ignored my messages.

So basically this scammer and thief Niv Avital is scamming his bank claiming the charge was fraudulent (which it wasn’t).  Please see below proof.

So as you can see Niv Avital is just a liar and a thief.

Be warned before ever dealing with this scammer.

Here is Niv Avital’s information so you can make sure you never deal with him again.

Niv Avital
Haganim St. No. 1
Apartment 6
Kiryat Bialik

Email address:




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