Japanese Bukimi Kun Series 2

On June 4th 2019 the Black Market Trading Company released their latest fan set – Bukimi Kun Series 2.

Bukimi Kun Series 2 Display Box

As you may know, the Original Japanese Bukimi Kun Set and Israeli Havurat Hazevel sets mirrored each other.  Each set contained the same exact 168 cards with characters from OS1, 2, 3 and 6.  Unfortunately the Japanese Bukimi Kun line ended after the first release.  Israeli Havurat Hazevel continued to make a 2nd and 3rd series. The Israeli 2nd series consisted of 209 cards from the USA OS4, OS5, OS7, OS8 and OS9 Garbage Pail Kids releases.

Bukimi Kun Series 2 contained all 209 cards (numbered 401-609) in the Israeli Havurat Hazevel Second series release along with 6 extra cards. The extra cards consisted of a P1 card of Dough Boyd (interestingly the only OS5 card not in Havurat Hazevel 2nd series), a censored No Number Semi Colin, and four additional censored cards.

The Bukimi Kun Series 2 release came in a shrink wrapped box featuring Bony Tony. Inside the box is a shrink wrapped stack of 215 cards.

Bukimi Kun Series 2 Sealed Display Box
Sealed Set of Bukimi Kun Series 2
Bukimi Kun Series 2 Cards

According to known data, Black Market Trading Company only produced 100 boxes of Bukimi Kun Series 2.

The Bukimi Kun Series 2 card backs are an exact match to the original Japanese Bukimi Kun release. Bukimi Kun Series 2 are also stickers and the peel slit on the back of the card is in the same location.

Bukimi Kun Series 2 card back
Bukimi Kun Series 2 compared to an Original Bukimi Kun

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