Scott Sanchez of Ashland, KY is a THIEF

Scott Sanchez of Ashland, KY is a thief. On 23 September 2020 he received a PayPal payment for $600 from a Garbage Pail Kids collector named Richard. Richard paid Scotty using PayPal friend payment because they had done several deals in the past.

Scotty Sanchez requested that the PayPal Payment be sent to his wife’s PayPal so Richard sent it to Andrea Sanchez. Richard had paid Scotty this way every time.

For the $600 payment, Richard was supposed to receive:
-66x OS1 GPK cards
-OS2 Complete Set and 300 aditional OS2 cards
-OS12 Complete Set
-OS13 Complete Set
-OS14 Complete Set
-OS15 Complete Set
-New Wave Dave Black Trashy Treasure

Instead, Richard received a box with an empty GPK Late To School Blaster Box inside and 4 empty GPK Late to School wrappers.

Upon realizing that he had received the incorrect items, Richard attempted to contact Scotty on Facebook and via email. Scotty quickly blocked Richard on Facebook and does not reply to emails. Scotty Sanchez aka Dirty Sanchez of Ashland, KY is a stone cold LOSER, THIEF and SCAMMER.

Below is some information about Dirty Sanchez so you can avoid being scammed by him.
Scott Sanchez
3433 Central Ave
Ashland, KY 41101 – Dirty Sanchez’s email/PayPal address – Andrea Sanchez’s email/PayPal address

Scotty’s FB Profile as of 12 Oct 2020 (of course he is a 49ers fan)

Andrea Sanchez’s Facebook Profile as of 12 Oct 2020

Dirty Sanchez has also been known to sell women’s braziers online.

Pleas avoid doing business with Scott Sanchez of Ashland, KY as he is a THIEF!



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