Dollar Tree Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Packs

Dollar Tree Garbage Pail Kids

Dollar Tree stores have been stocking Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Packs in their card sections.  How can this be you say?  Well since every item in the Dollar Tree store only costs $1, Topps has made special 4 card packs vice the 8 card regular retail and hobby packs.  Additionally, the 4 card GPK packs sold in Dollar Tree stores appear to only contain base cards, no parallels, sketch cards, printing plates or 3d cards.

As you can see in the below images, the Dollar Tree packs do not contain ratio information for parallels, sketch cards, etc.

Dollar Tree 4 card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Pack Front

Dollar Tree 4 card GPK Pack Front

Dollar Tree 4 card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Pack Back

Dollar Tree 4 card GPK Pack Back

Retail 8 Card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Pack Front

Retail 8 Card GPK Pack Front

Retail 8 Card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Pack Back

Retail 8 Card GPK Pack Back

Hobby 8 Card Garbage Pail Kids Pack Front

Hobby 8 Card GPK Pack Front

Hobby 8 Card Garbage Pail Kids Pack Back

Hobby 8 Card GPK Pack Back

Below is an opened Dollar Tree Pack

Opened Dollar Tree Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 Pack

Opened Dollar Tree GPK FB2 4 Card Pack

The 4 card GPK FB2 packs came in gravity feed displays as seen below…

4 Card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback Pack Gravity Feed

4 Card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback Pack Gravity Feed

If you decide to head to a dollar tree in search of these lame 4 card base card packs then please be warned!  The class of people that you will find in these stores can be quite scary.  Additionally their card sections (like the rest of the stores) are unorganized and inconsistent from store to store.

Dollar Tree Trading Cards

Dollar Tree Trading Card Section

It has been said that Dollar Tree also carried 4 card Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 1 packs similar to the above packs. I have been unable to confirm this. If anybody has any information please post it up!

Garbage Pail Kids


  1. We have loads of Dollar Trees, down here. Will confirm soon

  2. -TCT

    Hey AW,
    I love the content in this section. What gets me is how a half ass store like Dollar Tree ends up with a full graphic gravity feed. Target on the other hand gets the stock gravity box with a small graphic on the front. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Walmart’s “Shorty” gravity box is a different story.

  3. GPKblog


    Thanks for the comments. I don’t understand the Dollar Tree distribution either. As far as I could tell the Dollar Tree card sections were full of left over sports and anime cards that didn’t sell in regular stores. It’s weird that Topps decided to sell the new FB2 cards in dollar stores. 4 card packs containing only base cards? I fell bad for anyone who pays money and tries to put together a set of FB2 from a Dollar Tree store. Thanks for the scans of the Hobby Packs too.

  4. Ironically I looked at Dollar Tree for GPK days before I even saw this post or had any real clue that they could actually be there. Since Ive come across this cool blog, Ive gone to several Dollar tree stores and none of them have ever had any GPK, not that its any bargain since youre paying the same .25$ a piece and no chance for specials vs the regular 1.99$ packs at Walls-mart or Tarchet. On that note, I was lucky enough to stumble across a single 3D card in my first couple of packs a few weeks ago, bringing their existence to my attention, but since then have bought maybe 10 packs and no 3D cards, so irritated. On the other hand what seems to be a target exclusive, is the big pack that comes with a poster and 24 cards, claims to have a chance for 3Ds and other specials, but to no avail(still only one 3D), Ive bought three of those and have three different posters now. Slightly better bargain at 4.99$ making the cards .20$ by my math and then of course the poster. Starting to get a lot of repeats now, who wants to trade?

    • GPKblog

      Hey haduj,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree that the packs at the Dollar Tree are no bargain. They are a ripoff actually considering you do not have the chance of getting parallel cards, 3d cards, sketch card, printing plates, etc. Some collectors collect packs and wrappers and since the Dollar Tree packs are different, this is important to them.

      You should check out GPK World to see an entire breakdown and checklist for the entire GPK FB2 release. Also, check out GPK Underground Forum where you will find tons of collectors helping each other out with trades to complete their sets.

  5. Oh, and forgot to mention these Dollar Tree stores Ive checked into are in the Ft Worth, DFW TX area. If that helps?

  6. SimonBelmont

    Okay, here’s what I know (I’ll add my 2 cents): I’ve purchased quite a few of these packs because on eBay the sets are going for $50 bucks. Here’s the thing that completely sucks: I’ve been to 3 different dollar stores and all the packs contain the EXACT same cards. More specifically, one pack might contain say Clark Shark and three other cards. If you get another pack and it contains Clark Shark then the other three cards in the pack will be the EXACT same cards you got before. There are only A’s in these packs. All mine were white bordered. I’ve been unable to finish any sets because none of the stores have that ONE pack that finishes the set. It’s frustrating so eff that.

  7. gobstopper

    You know the strangest places in this world often have the weirdest things in them. a few years back i walked into a magic shop.not magic the gathering. actual magic.. and i look up and see 1985 donruss basball unopened packs.and series 1 GPK cards.unopened as well. i asked if they had more.and how much..he told me a story how his son had a fire in the house and hes been trying to get rid of some of his odds and ends. and he actually charged me the price that was on the box.! which i think was 35 cents. or somewhere close to that .so you have to look around.ya never know. 🙂

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