Garbage Pail Kids Final Art

The process of creating a Garbage Pail Kids card had many steps.  First the artist would come up with a concept or use somebody else’s concept and start sketching.  They would create pencil sketches and color rough art of the characters.  At some point during the process, the people at Topps would approve the character and the artist would create a final painting.  The final painting would be used to create the card image.

Below you can see the progression from GPK Pencil Sketch to Color Rough to Final Art

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Pencil Art

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Pencil Art

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Color Rough Artwork

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Color Rough Artwork

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Final Art

Garbage Pail Kids #558 Final Art


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  1. squbbz

    cool blog, a few GPK question maybe you or someone could answer, first what are your thoughts on the rumors of a new GPK film, elsewhere on the net it is said to be a done-deal with former Dinsey-dude Eisner funding the proj., also that some guy named Pes, who is known to do stop-motion/claymation shorts will direct, does anyone think an actual GPK movie is in the works and perhaps a non-CGI honest to goodness animated one at that? I see the odds as being a million to one that this would happen outside of being a small, short independant release or getting turned into yet another Hollywood CGI shitfest, im convinced we just don’t live in a world where cool things like this can happen anymore.

    also, I’m just now getting back into GPK after sort of forgetting about them for awhile, in fact I’ve spent hours tonight cracking out on GPK sites catching up with things. Question is, when did Topps regain the rights or permission to reprint the classic, Cabbage Patch style cards that they are doing in the Flashback, etc. series? I have noticed that those crummy “all new series” had those same stupid looking faces from when they left off and no one gave 2 shits anymore. I’m guessing that Topps and Coleco or whoever owns the irrelevant Cabbage Patch Kids perhaps came to an agreement with the more popular GPKs for a more lucrative deal for both parties or perhaps Topps invested in better lawyers? haven’t heard anything about this online, also with the classic style back in tow, why are they not using the classic “rainbow” logos? and while I’m bitching whats with all the busy colors, checkerboard and crap all around the logos and borders? didn’t they understand simplicity was part of the charm? While they’re pumping out anything they can for a buck, they might as well go back and alter the series 10 and up to look presentable, no?

    Last question… years ago I saw an image made for a film called “Xavier” that was made in the likeness of a GPK, does anyone know what that was all about? what was the film about? thanks to anyone who answers or attempts to

  2. GPKblog


    I did hear about the new GPK movie a few months ago but ever since the initial press release it has been crickets. I have no idea if they are going to go forward with it or not. I sure hope so.

    To answer your question about the All New Series GPKs, I the differences in what the characters look like is due mostly to new artists being used to do the paintings. I do not know when Topps “regained the rights” to publish the old style GPK but I sure hope they get away from the crappy ANS looking GPKs.

    As far as ‘Xavier’, I have never heard of it but I’m going to check it out now.

    Later man.

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