Evolution of Garbage Pail Kids Fan Sets

This post will serve as a quick history of the GPK Fan Sets.  There are more in depth posts on some individual fan sets here on GPK Blog and on the GPKUG Forum.  The purpose of this blog post is to acquaint collectors with the Fan Sets so that if they become interested in collecting them, they know what to look for.

The Garbage Pail Kids Underground (GPKUG) Fan sets began in 2011.  There has been a total of 9 Fan Sets.

Fan Set 1 / FS1
Year of Release: 2011
Name: Koodakaneh Ashghaldan
Language: Persian Farsi / Iran
Number of cards: 80 Base Cards, 1 Promo Card, 1 Bonus Card
1 Bonus Card (B1) Tiny Tim
1 Promo Card (P1) Adam Bomb – Limited to 10 produced
Number of sets produced: 47
Notes: At some point after FS1 shipped, another card featuring Travellin’ Travis was created.  The card was numbered x/100 and was sent to everyone that purchased a FS1.  Additional cards were sent to other GPK collectors.  Some unnumbered Travellin’ Travis cards also made it into circulation.

Fan Set 2 / FS2
Year of Release: 2011
Name: Vuilnisbak Kinderen
Dutch / Netherlands
Number of cards: 42 Base Cards, 1 Promo Card
Extras: 1 Promo Card (P1) Tiny Tim
Number of sets produced: 50

Fan Set 3 / FS3
Year of Release: 2012
Name: Kacara Balte Se Bacce
Language: Hindi / India
Number of cards: 20 Base Cards, 2 Promo Cards
Extras: 2 Promo Cards.  **Both Promo Cards featured Adam Bomb on the front.  The back of the first promo card was printed upside down so a second promo card was also produced.  Both types of promo cards are in circulation.
Number of sets produced: 200
Notes: Fan Set 3 was the first fan set to come wrapped in packs.  FS3 came wrapped in yellow wax packs.  A piece of “Final Art” was also produced by GPK Artist Dustin Graham for this set.  The character on the Final Art was the character on the wax packs.

Fan Set 4 / FS4
Year of Release: 2014
Name: Apoon Goon
Language: Korean / North Korea
Number of cards: 40 Base Cards
4 Wrapper Stickers
P1 Promo Card
B1 Bonus Card – Hand numbered x/100 (Slasher Asher)
5″x7″ Poster
Number of sets produced:

Fan Set 5  / FS5 / FSV
Year of Release: 2015
Language: Aurebesh / Star Wars Language
Number of cards: 30 Base Cards, 1 Promo Card, 1 Bonus Card, 1 Artist Autograph Card
1 Bonus Card (B1) – Alien Front / Anal Probe Back
1 Promo Card (P1) – Max Axe
1 Artist Autograph Card (Limited to 100) (June Moon)
Full Sheet
** A cancelled Bonus Card featuring an Alien Front / Alternat Award Back was initially printed for FSV.  The Bonus Card was scrapped in favor of the Alien Front / Anal Probe Back.  A very limited number of these rare 1st Print Run Award Back bonus cards made it into circulation.
Number of sets produced: 400
Notes: Fan Set 5 came wrapped in cello packs.  The set consisted of 6 cello packs, five cards per pack, for a complete 30 card set.  A limited number of full sheets were also made available to collectors.

Fan Set 6 / FS6
Year of Release: 2016
Language: Chinese / China
Number of cards: 42
Extras: 1 Promo Card – hand numbered x/125 (Double Heather)
Number of sets produced: 125

A strange thing happened after Fan Set 6.  Instead of being produced by the members of GPKUG, a mysterious group of individuals took over.  They started branding the Fan Sets as “Black Market Trading Company Fan Sets.”  Although the identities of individuals involved with the Black Market Trading Company are unknown, they have maintained the same high quality standards as the previous Fan Sets.

Fan Set 7 / Black Market Fan Set 1 / BMFS1
Year of Release: 2017
Language: Zulu
Name: Udoti Udoli
Number of cards: 30 Base Cards, 1 Bonus Card, 1 Header Card (Jumbo Pack Option)
Extras: 1 Bonus Card (B1) (Checked-out Chet) ** Hand numbered and limited to x/100
Number of sets produced: 200 (100 of each packaging style)
Notes: Fan Set 7 came with two different packaging options.  The first option consisted of six cello packs, 5 cards per pack with a piece of gum in each pack.  The second option was a cello ‘Jumbo’ style pack that had all 30 cards and a header card wrapped in clear cellophane.  The header card featured Ada Bomb.  100 sets of each packaging style were produced.

Fan Set 8 / Black Market Fan Set 2 / BMFS2
Year of Release: 2018
Language: Vietnamese / Vietnam
Name: Rac Thai Tre Em
Number of cards: 41 base cards, 3 different header cards
Extras: 1 Bonus Card (B2) Why Fight It
Number of sets produced: 300 total.  100 of each header card variant.
Notes: Fan Set 8 came 41 cards to a “Jumbo” cello style pack.  There were 3 variation packs available; Roy Bot, Hippie Skippy and Mugged Marcus.  100 packs of each character were produced.

Fan Set 9 / Black Market Fan Set 3 / Fan Set 1 Redux
Year of Release: 2019
Language: Persian Farsi
Name: Koodakaneh Ashghaldan
Number of cards: 80 Base Cards, 3 Bonus Cards
Extras: 3 Bonus Cards; B1 (Nasty Nick), B2 (Dead Ted), B3 (Adam Bomb) – Limited to 47 Sets
Number of sets produced: 100
Notes: Fan Set 9, better known as Fan Set 1 Redux (FS1-R), was produced to allow people who may not have had a chance to purchase FS1 in 2011 the opportunity to have these cards.  The backs FS1-R were completely changed from the 2011 FS1 version.  A set of 3 Bonus Cards came with the first 47 sets sold to commemorate the original 47 sets of FS1 produced in 2011.


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