Huge Garbage Pail Kids FAIL by Topps

Topps Fail

Topps released the Garbage Pail Kids Flashback 2 in late February 2010.  The GPK Flashback 2 release consists of mostly Original Series (OS) GPK cards reprinted with really ugly borders, a few Lost GPK cards (from the U.S. 16th Series that were never printed back in the 80s) and some Where Are They Now cards.  There is also an Adam Mania sub-set and a 3D sub-set of cards.

Apparently Topps did not spend a lot of time on quality control with the new GPK FB2 release as they had a huge mistake that should have been caught before hundreds of thousands of cards were printed and sold to collectors.

Lets start with a review… (For Topps sake)
This is the OS2 Card #79; Sewer Sue / Michelle Muck:

Garbage Pail Kids Sewer Sue

Garbage Pail Kids - Sewer Sue

Garbage Pail Kids Michelle Muck

Garbage Pail Kids Michelle Muck

This is the OS2 Card #75 Off-the-Wall Paul / Zach Plaque:

Garbage Pail Kids Off-The-Wall Paul

Garbage Pail Kids Off-The-Wall Paul

Garbage Pail Kids Zach Plaque

Garbage Pail Kids Zach Plaque

Now here is what Topps printed up and sold to collectors in the GPK FB2 release:

Michelle Muck? FAIL

Michelle Muck? FAIL

Sewer Sue? Wrong!

Sewer Sue? Wrong!

Ooops!  Good job Topps!  Topps put the wrong artwork on the card.

I am pretty sure this is the individual that Topps hired to do quality control for the FB2 Release:

Likely Quality Control Associate for Topps

Contact Topps if you wish to express your dissatisfaction with their mistake!

Garbage Pail Kids


  1. -TCT

    Excuse me Topps…WTF!

    Quality control is a process employed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service.

  2. Trey

    they probaly were thinking of just making the artwork but changed the names its fine with me though but if when these were made in the 80s then it would be ok to but still why not have differnt names

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